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Getting started with our online paystub generator is so simple and easy. Just enter the required information, add a company logo
and choose the paystub template. Our paystub generator will handle all the tax calculations for you. You can then preview
and download the paystub or email it directly to your employees.

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How is our Online Paystub Generator Different?

Generate Your Pay Stub in Minutes

Generate Your Paystub in Minutes

Create a paystub instantly using our online paystub maker. Enter a few basic details, Download or Email the paystub to your employees in minutes.

Accurate Calculations

Accurate Tax Calculations

Our paystub maker will automatically calculate your Federal and State income taxes, Social security and Medicare taxes. Also include FUTA and SUTA taxes.

100% Secured

YTD & Other Calculations

You can create paystubs with required YTD calculations using our paystub generator. If required, you can also add deductions and reimbursements to your paystub.

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Create your first paystub for free. After that, it’s just $3.99 per stub, the lowest price in the industry. One of the best online paystub generator available in the market.

Make Corrections

Make Unlimited Corrections

Noticed a mistake on your paystub? Our paystub maker allows you to correct or edit the information entered on the paystub at no additional cost.

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Have questions about our paystub generator? Get answers from an expert. Contact us by email or live chat. We are always here to
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Frequently Asked Questions about our Paystub Generator

Why should you choose our online paystub generator?

With ExpressPaySlip, you can generate your paystub quickly and easily in 3 simple steps. Start by entering the paystub details. You can always add additional requirements such as FUTA, SUTA, year to date, deductions, and reimbursements, etc., Once you’ve entered everything, review your paystub and make any needed corrections. You can now download and print or email the paystub to your employees or contractors.

How do I generate a paystub online quickly and easily?

Simply follow the step by step instructions to create your paystub.

  • Click “Create Paystub” from the menu.
  • Enter your “Company Information” such as Name, Address, EIN, Logo, Pay schedule, Pay period and Payday.
  • Enter your “Employee Information” such as Name, Address, Employee ID, SSN and Salary details.
  • Enter the required “Tax Information” such as Filing Status (Federal/State) reported on Form W-4.
  • Enter the “Number of Hours” your employee worked and press “Calculate”. Your YTD Federal and State tax information will be calculated automatically. You can also add FUTA and SUTA if required.
  • Finally, Preview your paystub, Download and Print it instantly.
How can I edit a paystub that has already been generated?

It's simple! If you haven't purchased your paystub, you have an option to preview the stub created. By doing so, you can edit whichever details you think is incorrect. In case you've made a payment and then find out an error in the stub, please contact our support team and they would be able to help you out in this.

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